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Why Tree Pruning Or Lopping Adelaide Is Best Done In Winter

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March 29, 2021

Why Tree Pruning Or Lopping Adelaide Is Best Done In Winter

Maintenance of trees is an ongoing process. There is no ‘good time’ or ‘bad time’ for tree pruning. However, many people think that winter is not an appropriate season for it. On the contrary, it is the right time for pruning; experts say. For fruit-bearing trees, it maximizes fruit production.

Since the shrubs and trees go in the state of dormancy and the leaves of deciduous plants fall off; pruning can result in an excellent growth as the warmer months arrive. Technically called ‘dormant pruning’, it brings an array of benefits for the trees. Want to know a few prominent advantages? Here are they!

  • Since there are minimal or no leaves on the trees, you can see the structure of the tree well. When you call an expert arborist, he quickly identifies the dead or problematic branches. He prunes them and makes your tree ready for the warmer season.
  • The arborists are not just tree specialists, but they have an aesthetic sense as well. Hence, they can visualize how the tree would look after rejuvenation. They prune the tree correctly and proportionately.
  • When you prune trees in the winter season, a few diseases that spread during the spring can be avoided. In the winters, nasty parasites, insects, fungi and bacteria are in the dormant state. Hence, the chances of trees getting affected are minimal.
  • If you live in an area where the ground freezes during winters, then the heavy equipment can easily approach your garden without causing any damage to the landscape. Also, the costs are usually low in the winters. Thus, you save a few bucks.
  • Arborists praise the winter season for pruning because of another reason. When you prune the tree during winters, it doesn’t stimulate new growth immediately as the tree is in a dormant state. On the other hand, in the summer pruning, you can see the new growth instantly.
  • The wounds get healed fast in the winters because you prune before the bud break. Therefore, the trees are less stressed which is good for their health.
  • Trees that are affected by disease or pests become extremely dangerous during the winters. Hence, it is better to prune them. You make the trees safer and promote new growth once the season becomes favorable.

All these factors indicate that tree pruning Adelaide in winter is good for the health of your trees. Give a buzz to the best arborist now.