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When is the Best Suitable Tree Pruning Time? | Complete Tree Lopping

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March 29, 2021

When is the Best Suitable Tree Pruning Time? | Complete Tree Lopping

When it comes to deal with tree pruning, no trees are the same; one tree’s ideal pruning can be entirely wrong for another. Even if you have done proper research on trees or tree pruning there is still one important aspect that can make the difference in the tree pruning process which is timing.

Motive behind the tree pruning

The best suitable time to prune your trees depends on the motive you want with tree pruning. Each tree has diverse pruning needs; some trees need pruning to facilitate further growth, other trees require pruning to decrease growth and develop proper shape, whilst other tree pruning is for sustenance and recovering tree health or making certain the tree safety.

When is the best suitable time to execute tree pruning?

If you desire to prune for new development, late winter or early spring is recommended. More you work in the winter months the more strongly the trees will grow in spring time.

Even if a tree is only just planted in the winters don’t be scared to prune directly as this is the best time to attain the tree shape as well as height you wish.

Another advantage of tree pruning in the winters is that you have easy access to trees with a clearer view of tree structure.

When is the suitable time to execute tree pruning to bound growth?

If you require limiting the overall growth of a tree, then you need to do the tree pruning at some time in the summer months. But ensure to prune only dead and damaged trees.

New-fangled growth after summer tree pruning is less forceful than the growth that appears after the winter pruning. Nominal pruning is needed in winters if summer tree pruning has been done in a healthier way.

Tree pruning to capitalize on flowering is best conceded out after the tree’s flowers have been faded. The perfect time to prune flowering trees is after their petals have on the go to drop and earlier than the new growth commences.

Moving Forward

One should consult a tree pruning specialist before going on board on any tree pruning process as it’s important to check if your methods and plans will lead to any concern in relation to any of the legal restrictions. As there are several rules in relation to tree pruning, which comprise of where the trees are being located and the scope of the work required.