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Using a Stump Grinder For Complete Tree Removal Adelaide

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March 29, 2021

Using a Stump Grinder For Complete Tree Removal Adelaide

Is it a daunting task to get rid of those awkward-looking stumps from your garden? Well, it is not if you have the right tools and equipment. Or you have the contact number of one of the superior stump removal experts in the town. The best thing to remove the stump is a stump grinder. It removes it entirely, and you get some more space to plant a beautiful flowering bush or lush green turf.  It is a tool that is easy to operate by following proper safety and operating guidelines. What are the steps to remove a stump using a stump grinder? Here are step-by-step instructions

Step 1

Before beginning the removal action, it is vital to prepare the surroundings. The clearer the work site is, the easier is the removal. Always remember to wear your safety gears. Full-length trousers and shirt, gloves, eyeglasses, and a dust mask are some protective gears. Clear the debris or rocks if any around the base of the stump. It safeguards the accidental damage of the grinder blades. The first step is to cut the stump just above 100 mm above the ground using a chainsaw.

Step 2

Adjust the height of the grinder so that you can hold it rightly. The height and depth of the grinding will continuously change as you move to the different parts of the stump. Therefore, you have to adjust it. Of course, you should not change the height when the machine is on. One wheel of the grinder is locked into the place to keep it firm. The other one rotates. Thus, you can swing the machine over the top of the stump. Grind the base below the ground level. Unlock the wheel repeatedly to push the stump grinder over the center of the stump.

Step 3

You should sweep the grinding blade repeatedly over the stump. Each rotation will reduce the size of the stump gradually. You need to reposition the blade once it reduces up to 80-100 centimeters. Adjust the angle and repeat the process. You will gradually move up to the ground level. Adjust, reposition the blade and continue repeating the sweeping action. As you go below the ground level, you should unlock the wheel and move the machine to the center of the trunk. It has reduced quite small in size by this time. Voila, the ugly-looking stump is gone! All you need is to cover the newly created space with soil. The ground is ready for new tree plantation or any other use.