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Tree Pruning in Adelaide – The Right and Wrong Ways to Prune and Trim a Tree

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March 29, 2021

Tree Pruning in Adelaide – The Right and Wrong Ways to Prune and Trim a Tree

Tree pruning in Adelaide is essential for better growth. However, you must know the best method of doing it. The objective is to remove the unwanted or disproportionate growth. To achieve the maximum benefit, you should know the right and wrong ways of pruning or trimming.

Do’s and Don’ts of tree pruning


When you give the contract to a seasoned service provider, it becomes their responsibility to do it according to the norms laid by the authorities. There are standard recommendations about using certain specific tools and pruning methods. Also, the service providers are supposed to do pruning taking into consideration the growth of the tree and potential hazard.

Improper pruning may damage the tree and reduce its lifespan.


  • Do not allow anybody to climb the trees without climbing spikes.
  • Do not strip out the branches or foliage in any case.
  • Do not prune the tree in the first year.
  • Do not prune the branches that are very close to the utilities. Let the government agencies handle it.
  • Do not prune a tree unless there is a good reason for it.
  • Do not remove more than one-fourth of the foliage in the growing season.

The classical three-step process

Most tree pruning companies follow a three-step process because it is not only safe for the trees but also boosts the growth.

  1. The first cut is made about one or two feet out from the trunk. The cut begins at the underside and goes about one-third of the limb.
  2. In the second step, the cut is made from the outside. As the cut goes through the limb, the branch falls away. Due to the inner cut, it doesn’t tear down into the main trunk.
  3. The third step is to cut the branch collar. It is critically important to make this cut proper. If done well, the tree heals up well, and you don’t have to worry about the growth.

Timing is an important factor when you prune the trees. Late fall or late winter is the ideal time. There is no risk of damaging the trees after pruning. Diseases and pests are inactive during this time.  Trees have the capability of healing themselves. Hence, do not use so-called tree healing solutions sold in the market. Rather, they slowdown the natural healing process. Right pruning enhances the beauty and accelerates the tree growth.