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Top 5 Tips To Maintaining Garden Trees in Adelaide

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March 29, 2021

Top 5 Tips To Maintaining Garden Trees in Adelaide

What is the best time to plant a tree in your garden? Well, anytime is the best time. You can prepare the ground, plant the tree and look after it. You can see it growing high, up to the sky gradually. Having said it, you shouldn’t forget that the secret to the excellent growth of a tree is proper maintenance. Want to know about five fabulous tips to tree maintenance in Adelaide.

A good sapling converts into a big tree

When you bring a new plant in the garden, it is crucial to spend some time in research. First, you should shortlist the species. Once you are clear about which tree to plant, the next thing is the selection of a plantlet. When you see plants in the nursery, choose one that looks the healthiest. The stem should be firm, and there should be enough growth of leaves and branches. Don’t bring a variety that grows in a different climate. You will have to put extensive efforts in growing such a tree. Pick a tree that thrives in your kind of weather.

Plant it well to grow it well

A properly planted tree grows well. It will be vigorous and healthy, then other plants. Hence, the tree can fight well and wins the battle for survival. The rule of thumb is, dig a hole that is at least three times the diameter of the root ball. Once you dig the hole, fill it with a mixture of 60 percent soil and 40 percent compost. The remaining soil you should keep safe for further back fill.

Overwatering and underwatering both are bad

Once you plant the tree, how often should you water it? A sapling needs water regularly until it becomes capable ofabsorbing underground water. Still, it is better to ask the specialist. Just onset of the winter, irrigate the tree well.

Don’t prune when the tree is young

Indeed, pruning promotes tree growth; you should avoid it when the tree is too young. When you plant a sapling, and you see new branches and leaves after some time, it doesn’t mean the plant has settled. It is still in the process of adjusting with the new environment. Hence, there will be no use of pruning. It will not promote growth.

Never grow lawn around the plant

It is not a good idea to grow lawn around the newly planted tree. It will create unnecessary competition, and the tree will not have proper growth.