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Tips & Techniques for Stump Removal

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Tips & Techniques for Stump Removal
March 29, 2021

Tips & Techniques for Stump Removal

Know How to Remove a Tree Stump

After removing a tree, it does not really make any sense in leaving the stump behind. A few important reasons for Stump Removal Adelaide have been mentioned below:

They become the eyesores- no one like looking at the yard which has old tree stumps sitting on the landscapes. They look even uglier when weeds and all the other plants grow over them that happen gradually.

They occupy the valuable space- most of the people want a wide, clear yard as well as stumps.

They are hazardous- some of the stumps are quite obvious but the others also get camouflaged by weeds and grass.

How to Remove a Tree Stump?

Some of the stumps are easy to remove as compared to others and thus different Stump Removal Techniques may be applied. Keeping yourself prepared well in advance and knowing about the techniques as well as methods to be used would help in making things easy in future.

What makes the process of stump removal easier?

Usually, the size as well as the age of the tree reduces the difficulties in stump removal. So older the stump would be, easier it would be to remove it. Similarly, smaller stumps are easier to be removed as compared to the big ones. Another very important thing which needs to be kept in mind before selecting the technique is the total stumps which need to be eradicated.

Removing the stump by grinding it on your own

In case removing the stump manually does not work and if you would like to remove it quickly, you may even rent the grinder and with the help of it grind it on your own.

Apart from the grinder, you would also need a mattock, a shovel, a rake and a chainsaw.

  1. Use a mattock or the shovel for clearing the rocks from the stump
  2. Cut the stump with the help of a chainsaw.
  3. With the help of a hydraulic-lever, raise the grind wheel a few inches above stump.
  4. After grinding it too approximately 4 inches with the help of the grind wheel, take it forward.

You need to bear in mind that the grinder is a very risky tool and thus you need to wear the protective gear always while using it. You need to pay extra attention while wearing the protective goggles and glasses as the wooden chips as well as other debris would fly everywhere.

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In case you have not used the grinder before, it would also be a very good idea to call someone from the rental place for teaching you about the machine and its use.

These are some useful Stump Removal Tips, which would help you in removing the stump easily without any casualties. You need to be careful while using the tools for removing the stumps. In case you are not confident enough of using them, you may take help from the professionals.

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