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Tips for DIY Tree Removal

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March 29, 2021

Tips for DIY Tree Removal

It is not a small decision to remove a tree. When the tree becomes unhealthy, or it dies, you have to remove it for safety and aesthetic reasons. Even you have to remove a living or healthy tree sometimes because it interferes with other trees or utility wires or roads, or other human made objects.

Experts say that the decision to remove a tree has to be taken with care, as you need a long time to grow the tree. Are you enthusiastic about doing a tree removal Adelaide of your own, instead of hiring an expert? Well, it is possible to do it provide you have the necessary infrastructure and tools. Read the blog further to get some useful tips about the DIY removal of the tree.

  • You must keep in mind that when you decide to remove a tree, you might affect other areas of your property. There could be a dispute, and even a legal dispute as well. Hence, keep everyone posted about it before beginning the work.
  • Check the area around the tree for obstacles or objects that might cause a problem. Is there any other tree, utility wire, fence, garden, or pergola around? You surely do not want to harm anything while removing the tree.
  • Understand the natural leaning angle of the tree. The best fall will be the angle at which the tree is leaning. Reduce the weight of the tree by removing unwanted branches.
  • Check the trunk. Is it unhealthy? It means the tree may fall in any direction. Maybe you have to call experts to remove such a tree. It is better to create escape roots if the tree is falling on a line different from the expected one.
  • Use a chainsaw or manually operated saw as per the size of the tree. Back cut and undercut-two approaches are there. Once you notice that tree is falling, turn the saw off and follow the escape route.
  • Now you have to cut the branches to make the stem lightweight.
  • Don’t forget to remove the stump from the ground.

Removing a tree by using a DIY method is not as hard as many people think, but it involves a few hazards and precautions that must be followed to avoid injuries. Don’t indulge in it if you are not sure about the process, and you are not confident to do it. Call some professional to avoid damage to the property. At CTL Services– Complete Tree Removal we provide a variety of services in Adelaide. Give us a call today on 0411 550 409 for tree removal costs!