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Solution of Tree Defects caused by Animals, Insects and Pathogens in Adelaide

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March 29, 2021

Solution of Tree Defects caused by Animals, Insects and Pathogens in Adelaide

Forest pathology is the new term that refers to the study of tree defects caused by various reasons. A forest pathologist goes deep into the problem and finds out the fundamental cause. Once the cause is known, it becomes easy to derive the solution. Tree Removal in Adelaide Experts say that the economic loss from tree defects caused by diseases, animals, insects, and pathogens is much more than fire. Hence, it is essential to keep a close watch on the health of trees and save them timely.

What are the different tree defects? The blog talks about it in brief.


Well, trees are the natural habitat of birds. However, they get harmed by birds as well. Mostly, it is structural damage that eventually leads to the fall of the tree or limb. When birds build a nest by creating hollows in the stem or limbs, they cut the timber. As the tree grows old, such hollow limbs can’t bear the load of branches and leaves. Since these defects are hardly visible from the ground, they are all the more dangerous. The best way to avoid this problem is to get the tree inspected by qualified arborist or tree pathology expert.

Borers and other insects

Insects and borers harm the immune system of trees. Thus, they cause substantial damage and sometimes, a decline of the tree. Though every tree has an in-built immune system as we have in our body, it requires human intervention if the manifestation is heavy. An arborist can check the type of manifestation and its severity. Every tree has to be treated with care.

Fungal infection

Fungi decay the trees. It causes great harm to the structural timber and affects the integrity of the tree. The visible signs are thinning of canopy and development of large dead branches. Some fungi grow out of the ground close to trees. They affect the structural roots of trees. Sometimes, there are no symptoms, and the tree falls all of a sudden.

The best way to control is to call an arborist or tree pathologist and get the tree health checked. By using the principles and concepts, tree pathologists save the life of a tree.  Symptoms or signs are the visible evidence of fungal infection, insect manifestation, or damage caused by birds and animals.

Experts look into these signs and decide the treatment plan. Since each problem is different, the solution is also different.