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Is Your ‘Arborist’ Just A Gardener? Don’t Risk It!

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March 29, 2021

Is Your ‘Arborist’ Just A Gardener? Don’t Risk It!

Have you ever encountered with the term ‘Arborist’? Those who love gardening must be acquainted with it. However, to the benefit of others, an arborist is a person trained in the science of maintaining trees. He is the specialist who knows everything about it; planting, watering, trimming and maintenance.

He knows what the needs of the trees are. He knows how to ensure the best growth of the tree? Therefore, you must appoint an arborist and not just a gardener when you want excellent results.

It becomes furthermore important when you have a huge garden with widespread biodiversity.

What are the qualities that make an arborist different from a gardener?

When you appoint a certified arborist, you will get amazed with his or her knowledge of the subject. It happens because a certified arborist is a person who knows every bit of tree care. He is up-to-date on the latest techniques and methods. Not just anyone can become an expert. It takes earnest efforts to become a certified arborist. Prominent level of competence is required for it.

Hence, your gardener can be the best gardener in the town, to maintain the garden scientifically you need an arborist not a mere gardener.

The risks of NOT hiring an arborist

Even if your gardener is ready to perform pruning, you shouldn’t be comfortable with it. Insist on calling an arborist because there are certain risks involved if the task is performed by unskilled people.

  • The arborist knows the methods of handling tree pruning safely. It is because he is trained for the same. Your gardener may not be knowing the inherent risks involved in the work. Therefore, don’t take the risk of hiring an unskilled person.
  • The arborist comes with the complete toolkit and safety material. He comes with equipment as per the international safety guidelines. All tools such as chippers, loppers, chainsaw, harness, handsaw, or PPE are industry grade stuff. On the other hand, the unskilled gardeners come with limited tools, and they don’t follow any safety guidelines. You are at significant risk. If something goes wrong, you will be in trouble.
  • Arborist knows the scientific way of tree pruning. He ensures that the trees show significant growth after pruning. Only those branches are pruned that are stopping the growth or causing trouble to the building or surroundings. A gardener might prune the trees unscientifically.

To avoid such risks, hire an expert arborist.