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How to Protect Young Trees From Freezing Winter

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March 29, 2021

How to Protect Young Trees From Freezing Winter

Freezing winters are troublesome for everybody; for you, for your pets and the trees in your backyard. Notably, young trees are more susceptible to the damage. Some people think that the trees have a natural resistance to the winters, and therefore, no need of taking extra care of them. However, it is not true. The young trees are vulnerable to the sudden change in the surrounding conditions. Extreme cold temperature affects the budding, blossoming, fruiting of a tree. 

It also slows down the growth. Therefore, you must be ready with protective measures to safeguard the trees from chilling winters. All trees get the hit of cold temperatures, but a few trees are more susceptible to it, e.g., Jacaranda, Eugenia, Citrus fruits, Catalpa, Oleander, and tropical as well sub-tropical plants. Not only tender new growth and leaves, but older leaves and branches may also get injured by low temperatures.

What Actions Can Save The Trees & Plants?

  • You should cover susceptible plants & trees with tarps & sheets. You can use burlaps also. It should extend to the ground so that the accumulated warmth of the earth gets trapped.
  • To minimize the contact between the foliage & the cover; frames & stakes can be used.
  • Potted trees or plants need to be kept in the protected locations.
  • Plans should be watered well. Solar radiation gets absorbed by more solar radiation as compared to dry soil. It will re-radiate heat during the night hours.
  • All large tree canopies should be cleaned. There shouldn’t be weeds or turf because bare soil reflects and absorbs heat well.
  • To insulate roots & prevent soil moisture loss; wood chip mulch is the best solution.
  • Always plant frost-sensitive plants near walls and buildings as they are better sources of reflective heat.

What If A Tree Gets Damaged Due To Low Temperature?

Despite all this care, it sometimes happens that the tree gets damaged due to chilling temperature. It is important not to prune the tree immediately. Keep some patience to see that the sprouts appear in the spring. Sometimes, the damage looks severe, but it is not that severe as it seems. The  tree that is looking dead can also revive after winters. For trees that have lost shade, then the new unshaded part of the tree needs protection. You can cover the tree with a plastic sheet or cloth. You can whitewash it as well. All these tricks will help the trees from getting damaged permanently.

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