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How to Know if my Tree has Termites – Signs of Termites

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March 29, 2021

How to Know if my Tree has Termites – Signs of Termites

If you tell gardeners and arborists to rate the top three nuisance elements that can affect the trees, then termites will always be on the top. Why does this little insect cause so much dread and fear? It is because of its devastating ability to destroy a towering tree in a fleeting time. The menace of termite is unbelievable. Moreover, it causes the damage silently. You will not notice it unless the manifestation reaches dangerous limits. As mentioned just now, the attack of termites is hard to monitor. However, some indications warn you that something is wrong with the tree. Here are the signs that you should be watchful for. Get alarmed when you see flying termites When you see thousands of flying termites or swarms in the garden; it is a matter of concern.

If they are emerging from one of the trees in your garden, then that tree has been affected by termites for sure. If you see termites landing to a tree from somewhere else, then the tree will be affected by termites soon. Don’t mistake termites for winged ants because both look similar. Termites are bigger than ants.

Tubes Of Mud

If you find tube-like structures near the base of the tree, then it is a sign of termite presence. These structures are made by termites to remain hydrated.  While breaking these tubes, you can find worker termites inside. These termites live underground. Therefore, they are more difficult to remove.

Look For The Damage Caused To The Tree

Examine the trees minutely, and you will find the visible signs of the damage caused by termites. They live on cellulose which is plentifully available in the tender parts of the tree. You need to tap the tree near the soil by a screwdriver or knife. Try to penetrate it in the wood. If it goes easily, then the tree is badly affected by termites. You need to buzz the pest-control company.

You See Termite Nests

It is an unpleasant thing in the garden. Termite nests are unpleasant in appearance. The structure covers the whole surface of the tree. If you find a tree surrounded by several nests, then surely there are millions of termites underground. Some termites create nests inside the wood. They are extremely difficult to locate. The best way is to call an expert tree removal Adelaide to get rid of these nasty bugs.