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Difference Between Tree Removal and Tree Lopping

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March 29, 2021

Difference Between Tree Removal and Tree Lopping

With just plain tree cutting of any part of a tree can lead to long term problems for your surroundings. And these problems will become risks in the future. Tree lopping can leave your tree open to infestation from insects, borers, fungi and other decay causing organisms. The best thing to do is to get your tree operated by a tree expert.

Tree Lopping
Tree lopping is the process of cutting a tree in two parts. This means sawing the top third of a tree. Tree lopping is not safe for the trees as it results in adverse effects on the trees. This can include sprouting weak limbs and not being able to control the limb growth.

The new growths are poorly attached to the outer layer of tree which leads to problems for the owner and their property. If such growths become bigger, they are much more liable to breakage and can cause injury to a person or can damage property. If by chance you do tree lopping than it is necessary to do regular maintenance of the tree.

Tree Removal
Tree removal is much safer option. In this process, the branches of the tree are trimmed. Tree trimming requires less maintenance. Proper tree removal techniques enable a tree to fight against diseases and help it to sustain a long healthy life.

Disadvantages of Tree Lopping
Undue stress can be caused to a tree through tree lopping and can make it vulnerable to disease and decay. Open exposed wounds can become prone to pests invading the tree and making it unhealthy. When a tree is properly pruned it is equipped to close the wound and therefore fight against the invasion of pests and decay.

There are also other inconveniences with tree lopping. When more than 50% of the trees canopy is removed, it starves the tree of vital energy reserves that it generates through its foliage. This also causes irreversible damage to the trees structure and the sun can actually scald the trees.

Tree lopping vs. Tree removal
When it comes to ‘Tree removal vs. Tree lopping’, people should be educated to choose a tree removal company that has the right experience and qualifications necessary to maintaining your trees.

Key Takeaways
Tree removal is better as it maintains safety. Tree removal should be done by professionals as many things can go wrong if not done correctly.