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Best Tree Pruning Tips in Adelaide

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March 29, 2021

Best Tree Pruning Tips in Adelaide

Lush green foliage and beautiful flowers of varied colors are the signs that your trees are thriving. However, it doesn’t happen on its own in your garden. It requires some effort to keep them that way. Tree Pruning in Adelaide has an important role in tree maintenance activities. It is a task that has to be performed by experts. Pruning is based on scientific concepts, and therefore, you need specialists to do it.

However, if you are an enthusiastic gardener who wishes to do it in-house, here are some tips. You must not forget that in-house pruning is possible only if the trees are small. For huge trees, you need professionals.

What is pruning?

Before jumping to the pruning tips, let’s understand what is pruning? It is the process of removing specific portions of the tree; it could be dead wood, excess branches, or unevenly grown limbs. It essentially allows for better growth without being worried about improper branching putting a load on the structure of the tree. When trees grow out of proportion, they become a threat to the surrounding property. Their growth also hampers due to irregular growth. 

Hence, you need to prune the unwanted stuff. Here are some tips:

  • Always climb the tree using climbing spikes. It could be dangerous without that.
  • Avoid striping out foliage or branches.
  • Choose trees that are more than a year old for pruning.
  • For branches that are close to the utilities, call the government agencies. You should not take the risk of pruning them.
  • You must have a good reason to prune the tree.
  • Always prune up to 25% of the foliage in the growing season.

Follow the three-step process

There is a three-step process that pruning companies talk a lot about. This method is not only safe for the trees, but it improves the growth as well.

Step 1: Make the first cut about one or two feet out from the trunk. It must begin at the underside. Let it go about one-third of the limb.

Step 2: Make the cut from the outside now. As it goes through the limb, the branch will fall away. Because of the inner cut, the cut doesn’t tear down into the main trunk.

Step 3: Now, it is time to cut the branch collar. You should be careful while making this cut. It has to be perfect. If not done well, the tree won’t get healed up well. You will have growth problems, At CTL Services– Complete Tree Removal we provide a variety of services in Adelaide. Give us a call today on 0411 550 409 for tree removal costs!