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4 House Plants to Help Improve Your Health in Australia

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March 29, 2021

4 House Plants to Help Improve Your Health in Australia

Do you think anyone is unaware of the benefits of living in a place that is surrounded by lush green plants? Well, everyone knows about it very well. Plants purify the air and make it Oxygen-rich. We remain healthy and happy with plants. However, it is not possible for everyone to live in a place like this. Hence, there is no other alternative than making efforts to purify the air in our home. Putting house plants is a brilliant idea for that.

Here are 4 popular house plants that everyone must keep indoors.

1 Spider plant

It is a fountain-shaped plant with light green colored long leaves with white stripes. The Spider plant is considered excellent for bringing down pollutants in the living space. It doesn’t need much care and maintenance. It needs sunlight occasionally.

2 Aloe Vera 

A great buzz is there about the benefits and usage of Aloe Vera. It is spiky succulent which doesn’t need frequent water but a lot of sunlight.

3 Lavender

Lavender is a soothing smell which is popularly used in aromatherapy. Though the lavender needs a lot of sunshine, it can be grown easily in the house. The only thing is you need to place it near a south-facing window. Not only it purifies the air but also keeps the surroundings fresh with its lovely aroma.

4 Peace Lily

It is known for its beauty as well as its ability to reduce common volatile organic compounds in the air. You get amazed with the beauty of white blooms of Peace Lily.

Since this plant doesn’t need much care, you can keep it anywhere in the house. It happily grows in the artificial light and indirect sunlight coming through the windows. The house plants are unique plants that do not need direct sunlight all the time. Also, they are sturdy and adjustive to the indoor environment.

Their genetic code has been evolved in such a way that they make use of the particles in the air to meet their food needs. The house plants revitalize the air and purify it. Studies have revealed that a room with house plants show a 50% drop in the levels of bacteria and microbes. 

Also, the humidity level increases in the room which reduces congestion, severity of Asthma or dry sinuses. Keep the internal environment fresh by growing these beautiful plants in the home, office, or shops.

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